Ici commence l'émergence.

20191007-Bargny_Plan de travail - Digital copie

site  Bargny, Senegal

artistic direction Laurence Grun & Pierre Vanneste
photography Pierre Vanneste
copywriting Laurence Grun
music Eric Desjeux
edition Antoine Castro
sound mix Enzo TB
web map designer Kevin Lerens - Bruno Tellier
exhibition map designer Sarah Poot
web developer Pierre Pilou Lovenfosse
web developer Tim Mercier
translations (wo) Emmanuel Magou Faye – Veronique Petetin
translations (en) Brandon Jay Johnson – Younes Rifaad
revision & correction (fr) Alain Le Saux – Marinette Mormont
revision & correction (en) Brandon Jay Johnson
fixer Cheikh Fadel Wade (Fa Wade)
production Nuit Noire production

BARGNY, Ici commence l'émergence

(The real face of economic emergence)

EXHIBITION at the Festival des Libertés #Brussels #Belgium

17 - 26 October 2019

An immersion into a Senegalese town that is a symbol of ongoing development, Bargny, the Real Face of Economic Emergence is a web documentary that was released in September 2018. Caught between coastal erosion due to climate change, industrialisation and land development projects, the inhabitants of Bargny question the future of Senegal. Based on photos, videos and texts, the documentary translates into images the voices of people swallowed up in the fog of their past and future uncertainties in the face of society’s inconsistencies.

full web documentary to be found here



exhibition map 

map credits: Sarah Poot


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