site  Q55, Brussels, BE


curators Emilie Béchet & Sarah Poot

timing 2017-2018, 2018-2019, ...

Debate series

The aim of Interludes is to:


Meet with friends around an informal lunch;

Trigger curiosity and dialogue;

Share expertise and diversify knowledge;

Discover different practices and domains of action;

Build an inclusive network and initiate partnerships...


it’s a lunch, from 12:30 to 14:00, offered by BVB;

it’s a conversation, not a presentation, but supported by any appropriate material;

it’s a series, every second Wednesday of the month from October to May;

it’s open to any topic, within or adjacent to the fields of architecture and urbanism;

it’s a platform, where every contributor is welcome any time;

it’s in Brussels, feel free to talk English, French or Dutch;

it’s at BVB 55 Quai au Foin - 5th floor, or any other appropriate location.



16 05 2018 Heim (Jonas de Maier)

14 02 2018 Accattone (Carlo Menon)

17 01 2018 Rotor (Michael Ghyoot)

14 12 2017 Alive Architecture (Petra Pferdmenges)

11 10 2017 Urban foxes (Bram Dewolfs & Tom Lootens)

all credits: BOGDAN & VAN BROECK


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