Landuse & Density series


Leo Van Broeck

Oana Bogdan

Tom Boogaerts

graphics Sarah Poot

timing 2014

Communicating about landuse

This lecture series follows an advisory report on land-use and building culture in Flanders by BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, commissioned by the Urban Design and Spatial Planning authorities of the Flemish Government in 2013-2014.

The conclusion of the report states that the paradigms of our economy should shift from quantitative growth to qualitative growth, that optimizing land use requires all political domains to be streamlined and coordinated, and that the quality of communication about these matters is very important in order to change mentalities and have an impact on the self image of mankind in relation to our environment.

This called for a visually appealing and straightforward communication, shaped as a series of postcards. This series was built up as a flexible body of material able to be combined in a presentation according to multiple target audiences. The lecture has been spread hundreds of times since 2014, and still constitutes one of the core communication material of Leo Van Broeck’s strategic vision in his current role of Vlaamsbouwmeester.

For the full lecture: Vlaamse Klimaattop - Keynote by Leo Van Broeck



continuous ecosystem

density comparison of UK & BE

high-rise vs. low-rise

Belgium at Manhattan’s density

fragmentation of open space

transfer of development rights



graphics: Sarah Poot


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