site  Rue des Trèfles, Chaussée de Mons, 1070 Anderlecht, BE

client Kairos for, Rue Gabrielle Petit 6, 1080 Brussels, BE

architect BOGDAN & VAN BROECK,  DDS+

team L. Janssens, M. Pawlowska, S. Poot

landscape Atelier Eole Paysagistes

structure Establis

techniques Boydens Engineering

acoustics Venac

contractor BAM contractors

surface 7 800m² housing, 7 600m² industry

budget 25.000.000,00 euro excl. vat and fees

timing building permit 2018

status building permit

Development of a productive mixed use sustainable project in Anderlecht

NovaCity goes far beyond the juxtaposition of functions.

The built spaces are organised, and in return generate, qualitative open spaces hosting a constellation of collective places to inhabit, offering opportunities for encounter, interaction and conviviality.

On the ground floor, the workshops of the SME’s are distributed on both sides of an active street, that constitutes a backbone for daily interactions between the different users. In direct relation with the workshops, a double height of retail and offices offer a transitive interface with the neighbourhood, and share an address with the housing blocks.

Above this plinth, a skyline of various heights animates the visual sequences of a new pedestrian street, and allows natural sunlight to reach the heart of the site.

Diverse collective spaces take place on the roofs of the SME’s, in the voids between five different volumes. A small housing tower articulates the transition from the Chaussée de Mons, and four urban blocks are paired two by two around vertical patios where terraces constitutes a convivial threshold between community and privacy.

Both the housing and SME’s are designed to offer maximal flexibility and adaptability in time and use.




venelle des trèfles

the patios

juxtaposition of functions


all credits: BOGDAN & VAN BROECK, DDS+, Eole


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